The roadmap outlines where FTPloy wants to be currently, for the next release and also in the future.

We're always open to feedback from our users, if you have any feature suggestions or ideas then let us know.


  • Enterprise/Hosted Edition
  • Database sync
  • Amazon S3 support
  • Team Accounts


  • Deploy/clone any publicly available repo
  • Redeploy past commits via Dashboard
  • Exclude files/dirs from deployment
  • Improve logging to show failed deployments
  • Redesigned Dashboard
  • Manual deployments/disable auto-deploy
  • Codebase Support
  • Gitlab Support
  • Multiple servers per project


  • Commit Logs
  • Live Logs
  • POST Webhook
  • Email notifications
  • Slack notifications
  • Triggers
  • SSH key authentication
  • Android App
  • iOS App
  • Deployment Atom Feeds
  • Pushover notifications
  • Twitter notifications
  • GitHub branch support
  • Deploy from specific folder only
  • Growl Notifications
  • Hipchat Integration
  • Improve queue system
  • Public API
  • Saved FTP accounts
  • New website design
  • Multi-line commit messages
  • Add filters & pagination to the dashboard
  • SSH pre-deployment hooks
  • SSH post-deployment hooks
  • Github organisation support

Public Beta

  • Deployment via SSH
  • Deploy now button for Github
  • Deploy now button for Bitbucket
  • Cache dashboard deployments to speed up
  • Verify FTP credentials on project creation
  • Select Branch for Bitbucket projects
  • Login with GitHub or Bitbucket
  • Automatic creation of webhooks for Bitbucket
  • Automatic creation of webhooks for Github
  • Logging commits
  • Deployment via FTP
  • Bitbucket integration via OAuth to access private repos
  • GitHub integration via OAuth to access private repos