Registering and creating a new project

This article covers registering and creating a new project .

Once you Sign Up you should see the Register for FTPloy screen.

Register FTPloy screen

Please fill in all the fields in Register for FTPloy form and click the "Register for FTPloy" button.

You should see "Hey [your username], connect with GitHub or BitBucket to start FTPloying." message.

Click the GitHub or BitBucket link and you will be redirect to an "Authorize FTPloy" window.

Authorize FTPloy screen

Click the "Authorize wearecocoon" button and you will be redirected to the FTPloy success page.

Click the "create your first project" link and you will see a New Project screen.

Project screen

The "Repository" field should refresh automatically.

Add "Project Name" and select "Branch". Then go to "Server Credentials" section and add your server credentials like host, username, path, port and password.

Please make sure that "Server Path" is your root directory and it starts and ends with forward slash "/".

You can also test connection by clicking the "Test Connection" button.

Finally click the "Save Project" button and you should be able to deploy to your server every time you commit to GitHub or BitBucket.